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Tha buzz around the table…

ViD oF Tha DaY!

Beyonce FIRES somebody on BEAT! LMAO

“Diva I am” tour, Ahoy Rotterdam.

Propz 2 tha Camera Guy 0r Gal


5 Responses to “ViD oF Tha DaY!”

  1. […] if (vbc) vbc.style.visibility = ‘hidden’; e.style.backgroundColor = ‘#fff’ }); }); today ViD oF Tha DaY! trackback from post […Beyonce FIRES somebody on BEAT! LMAO“Diva I am” tour, Ahoy […]

  2. LMAO!!!

  3. HAHAHA…really. did dat person get fired tho? lmao

  4. kool. put more stuff up

  5. Beyonce is so hot, not just that alone her songs are very melodious too!

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